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Project Description
The PC/SC Micro API for the .NET Micro Framework is a set of functions for communicating with a smart card using an embedded device with a smart card reader chip. The PC/SC Micro API includes most of the functions in the PC/SC Lite API:
  • BeginTransaction
  • Cancel
  • Connect
  • Control
  • Disconnect
  • EndTransaction
  • EstablishContext
  • GetStatusChange
  • IsValudContext
  • Reconnect
  • ReleaseContext
  • Status
  • Transmit

The PC/SC Micro API also includes some functions useful for debugging:
  • GetError
  • StringifyAPDUResponse
  • StringifyError

The PC/SC Micro API facilitates development of embedded devices utilizing smart card technology and operating with the .NET Micro Framework.

Included with this project are the following:
  • PC/SC Micro API library files for GemCore Serial Lite Pro and Teridian 73S1209F smart card reader chips
  • Skeleton HAL and testing suite to create PC/SC Micro API for other smart card reader chips
  • Sample digital signature application using PC/SC Micro API
  • Video demonstration of sample application
  • Powerpoint presentation describing project
  • API Documentation
  • Developer guide

For more information on the PC/SC Micro API, refer to the documentation located on the download page of this site.

For more information on the .NET Micro framework or to download the SDK, see:

For more information on the PC/SC Lite API, see:

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